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Best Website Builders 2020

Best Website developers 

Reviewed by the 7 most popular website developers

There are 50+ different website manufacturers on the market.

Each of these tools promises to make it easier for you to build a website.

website builders

But how about their actual use and performance? About flexibility - can you create an online store or blog?

We decided to spend some time and money signing up, reviewing and reviewing the 9 most popular website builders.

With each builder, we created a simple 5-minute test site and tracked their time and speed for 12+ months.

But first:

Who Should Use Website Builder? It's for you

Website builders are a great asset when used correctly. Unfortunately, not all of them. If you want to do one, this is the
the right one for you:

  • Small Business Website
  • Personal Website (Blog)
  • E-commerce website for selling products or services (online store)

… You want fast and cheap.

This may not be for you:

  • You are an experienced web developer/designer who knows HTML, CSS and PHP
  • You want to create a very complex and large website.

Full disclosure: If you purchase the Website Builder via the link in this review, we earn a commission at TechradarUS.com. Thanks for your support (see our review process).

Best Website Developers 2020

Here is a list of the 7 most popular website makers:

1. Wix.com

Wix homepage

Rules for use of Wix

+ Easy to use (drag and drop)
+ Free version and free trial available
+ 630+ Themes and Templates
+ Good for website, blog and online store
+ Reliable performance
+ AI Builder (5 minutes website)
+ 30 days money-back guarantee

The disadvantages of using Wix

- No live chat, Ticket/phone only
- Extra costs for email accounts

Wix Website Builder comes with 630
Wix templates for various businesses, individuals and non-profits.

He classifies his subjects as photography, portfolio, travel, food and beauty. Additionally, they have many themes that are best suited for a blog, online store or business website:

Wix templates

In addition to many theme designs, Wix allows its users to choose between 100+ different fonts, and if that's not enough, you can also upload your own custom fonts. If you need any images for your website, they have a library of 1000+ Wix stock images.

With Wix, you can create a gallery to showcase your work. They have Savannah Genie Favicon and Wix logo maker. If you don't have a logo for your website, this tool will definitely help you create one (even if you don't have any design skills).

It is also true that Wix is little more than a "website builder". With Wix, you can create an online store to sell your products, create coupons and send email newsletters.

And unlike other popular website building tools, Wix has a drag and drop feature - making the website as easy as possible. Here's how to log in to Wix:

Wix drag and drop editor

The drag and drop feature is a Wix feature that allows you to reorganize your website, add categories/blocks, and make changes to your website that have been published and edited.

Additionally, they recently added a new feature called ADI. In a nutshell, AI is creating the right website for you in minutes. With a few simple questions, Wix AI will create a website that suits your business and needs. No two sites will ever look the same, meaning you have a fully compatible website.

Wix users can edit their website on other devices like iOS and Android apps are available. Last but not least, most editors and writers can be assigned to the website, which is a good perk if you have a large team or company that manages the website. Their support is available via phone and ticketing.

Once you sign up with Wix, they are responsible for hosting your site and making sure it loads quickly. Over the past 12 months, we have had a consistent runtime of 99.98% and 412 ms page speed, which is much better.

Wix also offers a free plan to test their service. Anyone can start building a website by creating a number. You cannot connect to your domain name and your site will contain Wix ads. You can upgrade at any time if you wish.

Wix Pricing:

  • All plans are available with a 14-day Trial Birth Trial
  • All plans include SSL (https: //)
  • All annual plans hold the domain name for 1 year and renew it annually at $12.95
  • The cheapest plan is $13 / mo, 2GB bandwidth and 3GB storage.
  • The cheapest e-commerce plan starts at $23 / mo and has unlimited bandwidth and 20GB storage.
  • Each email account costs $6 / mo through Google Suite

       Go to Wix.com

2. SITE123.com


Rules for using SITE123

+ Great for small sites like blogs
+ Free limited plan with ads
+ Can add online shop feature
+ Can add gallery
+ Website Translation Facility

The disadvantages of using SITE123

- Don't drag and drop
- Not everything is fully customizable

SITE123 is a simple website builder that allows you to create a small business website, blog or e-commerce website in just a few clicks. You can start with high-quality templates - all SITE123 templates are fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices.

site123 templates

SITE123 is suitable for uploading images, changing fonts, and adjusting the color schemes, structure and layout of your new website homepage, however, you cannot change the template once your website is public. This platform has hundreds of stock native stock images and has access to the Google Fonts Library. It can sync apps with just a few clicks and link them to 25 different social media platforms.

This makes it a unique option for website builders to drag and drop, giving users a simpler option for website builders, which allows them to upload their content to the wireframe layout. The only caveat is to use a simplified interface, which not only speeds up the setup process but also reduces customization.

What makes SITE123 different from other website developers is that it allows clients to create multilingual websites. International businesses do not require multiple websites in other languages, but this is an optional option because they have additional language versions of their website.

SITE123 helps users improve their website content by providing an extensive list of website plugins, including analytics tools, real-time chat support, marketing and webmaster tools.

The platform provides great SEO functionality - users can edit meta and headline descriptions, customize URLs and add the full text to images. Google Analytics is part of SITE123's website plugin list.

The platform provides 24/7 live chat and phone support for any type of technical support. They provide access to their knowledge center, complete with guides on how to use their tools and features, and users can view the website builder tutorial on their YouTube channel for more information.

With SITE123, you can easily activate email related to your domain for website promotion, business reputation and more.

Site123 backend

Customers can accept PayPal and Stripe online payments through the platform. Coupon codes can also be entered through social media and email marketing. Additionally, SITE123 provides an SS Generation SSL-certificate to ensure that you do not experience unauthorized access.

Over the past 12 months, SITE123 has delivered 99.87% consistent working time and 724ms page speed. Unfortunately, since early September, SITE123 has prevented fat from tracking their websites and we have asked for their live chat support, but they can't help us.

SITE123 Pricing:

  • Local version available
  • All plans include SSL (https: //)
  • All annual plans have a domain name for 1 year and renew at $13.00 for the next year
  • The cheapest plan is $8.45 / mo, which includes 5GB of bandwidth and 10GB of storage.
  • The cheapest e-commerce plan starts at $14.45 / mo and has 45GB of bandwidth and 90GB of storage.
  • Limited Email Accounts (Free - 0, Advanced - 2, Professional - 5, Gold - 10)

       Go to SITE123.com

3. Squarespace.com

Squarespace homepage

Rules for using Squarespace

+ Easy to use, use drag and drop
+ Modern 70+ Themes and Templates
+ Very comfortable
+ Trusted support via email
+ Excellent selection of add-on features
+ Great for creative business/people

As opposed to using Squarespace

- High monthly cost
- Limited Third-Party Integration

Squarespace is a website builder that provides 100+ well-designed Squarespace templates that are responsive to phones and tablets. When it comes to design, fonts, shapes and images, Squarespace is a platform for perfection. Their site styles menu allows for better template customization. The platform certainly fits the "Build It Beautiful" tag.

Squarespace templates

Squarespace's main advantage over other website builders is that it allows you to change the template without losing any content. The platform allows you to use multiple templates for a single website. If it's important for your site to have the best design, SquareSpace gives you the creative freedom to create unique templates by altering your photos, but they also need high resolution.

If you are interested in blogging, Squarespace is a great option that offers users many useful features, including multi-author functionality, post scheduling, AMP support and the possibility of hosting your own podcast. Added.

There are four SquareSpace mobile apps available. Best of all is called Squarespace and gives you the opportunity to re-organize almost everything on your website, including your blog, store and pages.

The platform offers powerful SEO optimization options, including the option to customize meta descriptions, tags and URLs (on any page). You can add the whole text to images, but this is more complicated than other website builders.

However, it offers great add-on features including social media widgets, gallery widgets, restaurants, appointment scheduling, Squarespace support extensions and third-party apps. Third-party applications only work when you use Code Injection as a developer toolset.

SquareSpace allows eCommerce websites to add an online store with an easy-to-manage interface for products, orders, inventory and coupon discounts. Payment processing can be done through Stripe, Apple Pay and PayPal. Squarespace does not allow additional payment gateways.

The SquareSpace interface looks attractive and minimalist, but it's not clear. Its versatility keeps you interested - because you have to constantly save new changes and it takes time.

Squarespace backend

This platform has 6 interface languages(EN, ES, FR, DE, IT, PT), but it is not enough to create multilingual websites because it relies solely on Google Translate.

Squarespace has recently released a new feature called Cover Page Builder, G Suite and Getty Images. The latest version (version 7) has implemented some great editing features, including the option to edit content using inline editing.

For the past 12 months, we've been monitoring SquareSpace performance using our own testing site, and the platform has delivered 99.99% uptime and page speed of 587 ms.

The platform provides 24/7 customer support, live chat and email tickets, but does not provide phone support. Also, they have great knowledge of guides and videos.

Squarespace Pricing:
  • A 14-day trial with many premium features
  • All plans include SSL (https: //)
  • One year domain name for the first year after renewing all annual plans is $20.00/year
  • The cheapest plan is $12 / mo and has unlimited bandwidth and storage.
  • The cheapest e-commerce plan starts at $26 / mo and includes unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • The Google Suite is updated to $6 / mo annually, with 1% Gsuite digit per year

       Go to Squarespace.com

4. GoDaddy.com

GoDaddy homepage

Rules for using the GoDaddy Builder

+ Easy and easy to use
+ Added AI Builder
+ 30 days free trial
+ Live chat and phone support
+ Online store is easy to manage
+ Well established company

The disadvantages of using GoDaddy Builder

- Too many ups
- Limited customization

GoDaddy is a leading user-friendly website developer that uses Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to help users create a custom website with just a few clicks. This platform is easy to use and suitable for people who are not techradarUS but want to set up a simple site online.

GoDaddy works well for small business websites that don't require expensive and complicated features. This is a good option for blogging because it allows you to start comments on blog posts where readers can post pictures, videos and audio. Additionally, the platform gives visitors the opportunity to sign up via RSS feeds and be instantly notified of everything you post.

GoDaddy templates

Those interested in setting up an e-commerce website can do well by choosing Gotham because their knowledge base is a good source of SEO guidance, which helps businesses rank higher on search engines like Google. In addition, clients have the Abort Cart Recovery function and the ability to connect their website to all social media stores.

This platform has SSL encryption, which is great for security and recommended by Google.

GoDaddy website builder backend

In 2017, Godaddy unveiled a new version of its website developer, GoCentral. GoDaddy gives you the opportunity to test GoCentral for a month and you are happy to know that the new version is responsive and optimized for mobile devices. It has six theme styles and users can choose from a limited range of templates, predefined photography elements and designs.

However, GoDaddy has not yet added a drag-and-drop editor to GoCentral, so it is restricted to anyone who wants to go beyond the basics of website design. For example, users cannot change the font and the platform allows them to add photos and videos in a certain way - without the possibility to add or resize text.

GoCentral is a great option for small businesses, as it comes with an online store that allows customers to sell physical goods and services. This is a very basic solution - you cannot sell digital goods on GoDaddy and do not allow platform ratings or recommended products.

GoCentral does not have a domain name, but you can purchase one separately through their interface or transfer your domain name if you already have one.

We have found that GoDaddy hosting is stable (99.99% of the time) and fast (average 614 ms).

The platform provides 24/7 phone and live chat support.

GoDaddy Pricing:

  • 30-day trial birth trial (no credit card required)
  • All plans include SSL (https: //)
  • All annual plans have a domain name for 1 year, then renew it for $17.99 a year
  • The cheapest plan will cost $10 / mo.
  • Their e-commerce project is $25 / mo

       Go to GoDaddy.com

5. Weebly.com


Benefits of using the Weebly

+ Easy to use, includes drag and drop
+ 64 responsive themes
+ Create a membership site
+ Best SEO Tools
+ Multiple applications can be integrated

The disadvantages of using the Weebly

- Limited design flexibility
- No email marketing tools

Weebly is one of the website builders. With Weebly, you can create portfolios, business sites, blogs and online stores and live them in minutes. Its intuitive drag-and-drop editor allows users to create sites without a single line of code. Perfect for bloggers and people who want to build their first online store.

Weebly's professionally designed templates are fully responsive but no different to choose from. When it comes to customizing visual content, Weebly offers some functionality, but certainly not a simple website builder. Weebly templates can be customized using CSS and modifying the platform's source code, but only those with a good understanding of design and programming can do so.  

Weebly themes

The Super Practical App Center offers a variety of add-ons that can be installed in a single click, over the Web and its competitors. The Weebly App Center has over 250 different apps, many of which have premium and additional functionality for the native version. Users can create with the built-in features of the web and they can do it with amazing Weebly apps.

This enables web customers to create important login and access levels for companies with more than one site editor. There is also an option to create a password-protected membership area where members can access specific content.

Weebly backend

Weebly offers excellent SEO optimization - you can add meta descriptions, titles, URL names, alt text and 301 redirects beside images. This allows you to add code to site titles and pages, making it a great option to add external tools such as online chat and payment buttons. The biggest drawback is that the platform does not offer email marketing tools. Users can use other marketing platforms such as Mailchimp, E-goi and Aweber for email marketing campaigns.

Weebly offers a free Plan where users can create a small site. The only exception is that if they want to use their own domain name, they need to upgrade their payment plans.

Weebly Pricing:

  • Free plan available
  • All plans include SSL (https: //)
  • All annual plans have a domain name for 1 year and renew it annually at $19.95/year
  • The cheapest plan is $6 / mo.
  • Their cheapest e-commerce plan starts at $12 / mo and includes unlimited storage
  • Weebly uses Google Suite as an email provider for $6 / per account

       Go to webly.com

6. Jimdo.com

jimdo homepage

Rules for using Jimdo

+ Uses drag and drop
+ Free limited plan with ads
+ Excellent SEO skills
+ Flexible style set

Disadvantages of using a Jimdo

- No live chat and phone support
- Poor uptime and page speed performance
- A lower number of templates

Jimdo is an all-in-one drag and drops website developer that gives people with no coding knowledge the opportunity to create fully-featured, mobile-optimized websites. Jimdo's biggest strength is the ease of use.

Jimdo users have the option to control their content by choosing two different modes: "Dolphin" and "Creator".

Jimdo backend

Users who use the "dolphin" mode create their own website with the help of an AI editor. They can chat with the Artificial Intelligence Designer and answer questions about the type of website they want to create. "Dolphin" mode draws information about customers from their social media accounts and tries to adjust the website to their personal tastes. It's simple and easy to use, but it's not very flexible in terms of design changes.

Jimdo's "Creator" mode is more flexible because it allows users to add 40 templates, drag and drop editors, and add additional features such as background videos, gallery, blog and online store. The creator's interface is intuitive and user friendly and can be easily managed by people unfamiliar with web design. However, one major drawback is that the platform does not allow users to edit or crop images directly using the Jimdo editor.  

jimdo templates

Each template has a mobile-optimized version, which can be easily activated in the configuration area. Jimdo has a huge advantage when it comes to changing colors and font sizes.

People who are comfortable with coding can easily access CSS on their Jimdo website and have more control over their site design. Additionally, advanced users can edit their site's HTML code and create custom templates.

Jimdo is a great SEO tool because it allows clients to add alt text, page titles and meta descriptions and use SEO friendly heart titles. Users can create Google Friendly Heart URLs and 301 Redirect. The platform does not allow users to use SEO plugins and apps, but they can use great resources such as Google Search Console, Fat, Yost's Live Content Analysis Tool or HubSpot's Website Grader. Additionally, in Google search, Jimdo gives users an instant preview of what their page looks like.

The platform is SSL-encrypted and complies with all security standards. Jimdo supports email and social media for users, but no phone and live chat support. It does, however, have useful knowledge that includes a wide range of articles and videos that help solve common problems.

In the past 12 months, Jimdo has not provided adequate performance statistics - the platform has shown 99.91% uptime and their page load time is 893.

Jimdo Pricing:

  • A basic version of the local version is available
  • All plans include SSL (https: //)
  • All annual plans have a domain name for 1 year and then renew at $20.00 annually
  • The cheapest plan is $9 / mo and has 10GB of bandwidth and 5GB of storage.
  • The cheapest e-commerce plan starts from $19 / mo and has 15GB of storage.
  • Each email account costs $6 / mo through Google Suite

       Go to Jimdo.com

7. Webs.com


Rules for using the Webs

+ Easy to use (drag and drop)
+ Free Basic plan
+ Can create a membership site
+ Cognitive support
+ 30 days money-back guarantee

The disadvantages of using the webs

- Limited customization
- Bad uptime and page speed performance

Webs is a website builder and hosting platform that allows businesses and individuals to create beautiful websites without coding knowledge. It is a minimalistic and intuitive drag-and-drop editor and has a clean interface where users can easily add and edit modules. The interface allows users to place content anywhere on a website by dragging pictures and text. Because these are all very straight forward, the Webs has no learning curve compared to its competitors.

Users can choose from over 400 templates, but users can find some of them to date because they are mostly business-oriented. The platform does not allow users to convert HTML and CSS into code and is not flexible, as it enables the user to change the font style, background and color scheme of the provider of the web. In addition, the number of mobiles and optimized templates is limited. Pro Plan customers only get the option to customize their mobile websites.


An important advantage over competitors is its membership function, which allows users to send specific content and group emails.

Users who want more advanced tools and features can visit the Webs App Store and add calendars, forums, blogs, videos and photo galleries to their site. Available websites are not as effective as competitors, but the platform allows users to install third-party widgets using a custom HTML option.

Commercials can add an online store with a website interface where they can easily manage products and sales and enter coupon codes. The Web's online store allows users to upload multiple images on each item, sort products into categories, and create cost-effective graphics.

Payment processing can be done through Stripe and PayPal. The platform includes flexible global currency options that enable customers to build a global customer base.

Webs offer users a free, local and ad-supported version of the time limit. Webs also offer clients who subscribe to certain payment plans and the option to withdraw their subscriptions within 30 days.

They enable better customer support options, including community platform, knowledge base, email and phone support (only available for Pro Plan). The platform does not provide multi-language support.

Over the past 12 months, our test site with the website has delivered 759 ms of 99.69% time and page speed.

Price Review:

  • Local version available
  • All plans include SSL (https: //)
  • All annual plans have a domain name for 1 year and renew it annually at $19.95
  • The cheapest plan is $5.99 / mo and has 1GB storage.
  • The cheapest e-commerce plan Mo starts at $12.99 / mo and has 5GB of storage.
  • Limited Email Accounts (3 accounts in the Promoted Plan and 25 accounts with Pro)

       Go to webs.com

Final Word

Choosing the right website builder can be very time consuming and expensive, but we are here to help you. We build test sites with all of our recommended manufacturers and monitor their time and page load speed data, so you don't have to do the basic work yourself.

If you are not yet committed, we suggest selecting a trial trial trial option for a plan generator or website builder that allows you to test relatively harmless features.

Do you have any questions about our website builder recommendations that are not included here? Want to know one of these manufacturers or something we haven't mentioned before?

Leave a comment below.........

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