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Best Cloud Hosting Providers 2020

5 Best Cloud Hosting

Compare, Speed, Price and Specifications (2020)

Cloud hosting has been around for a while and is gaining popularity at the moment. Cloud technology for internet giants like Google and Amazon.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers

There are a variety of cloud hosting services in price, freeball and server power. Based on our research, there are some basic features like free SSL, Email Local Email Numbers, 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 support and daily local backup.

It can be tempting to get the cheapest option. However, you can host more than one site or you may need more performance on your behalf.

What is cloud hosting anyway? Why is it better than other hosting types?
Cloud hosting is a network of virtual servers that use resources from physical servers to run your website. The hosting server is in the virtual world or "cloud". Similarly, the cloud runs all applications and services on multiple servers at the same time. These machines can be installed in various data centers around the world.

Compared to standard private or shared hosting on physical servers, cloud hosting offers several advantages:

More Reliability: Websites can be accessed at any time without obsolete time. The moment one of the physical servers crashes, all traffic is redirected to healthy servers. Traffic redundancy is also automatic when the server in the cluster gets more load.

Scalable: Cloud hosting is also easily scalable. When you need more power, hosting providers do not need to add physical machines to your account. It is now left to re-add resources from the server park. Some service providers usually promise to increase automatically when resources are heavy.

Faster loading time: Cloud hosting can be compared to shared hosting statistics with improved speed and performance. Since your website's data is spread across multiple servers, you don't have to rely on just one device.

Now, take a look at our research on the best cloud hosting providers and find out what fits your needs.

The Best 5 Cloud Hosting Services (2020)

1. Liquid Web VPS Cloud - Great overall

Liquid Web cloud hosting

Liquid Web Pros:

+ Fast avg. Loading time
+ Unlimited Website
+ Fully Organized + Site Transferred
+ Secure (DDoS Security)
+ Daily backups
+ 24/7 live customer support
+ Free SSL and CDN
Liquid Web Disadvantage:

- Interworks, Plesk or cPanel extra costs

Liquid Web is one of the cloud hosting providers. It's not the cheapest option on the market, but it does have useful features and additions.

Their excellent loading time and time is one of their most persuasive claims, which are 430ms and 99.99% (last 30 days) respectively. Because cloud technology is so reliable, they are guaranteed 99.9% Uptime.

Their cheapest plan is to have better servers with 2GB of RAM and 2 core CPU. Their managed VPS cloud is located in the Midwestern United States.

With each plan, you can host unlimited websites and email accounts.

You don't have to worry about security, updates, monitoring and maintenance, as all liquid web plans come with a fully managed server. They are also injected with Cloud Genuine Cloudflare CDN, which increases traffic speed and safety. If you want more freedom, you can choose core-managed or inventive options for their cloud servers.

From the start, you get 3 control panels to choose from - Interworks, Plesk and cPanel. Liquid web customer support can help you a lot even if you have to do a lot of settings.

SSS native SSL, 100GB backup space, 40GB SSD space, 24/7 phone, live chat or phone support are some of the important features. Bandwidth is limited to 10TB, but this is good for average websites.

The cost of their plans is simple, but the cheapest option (starting at $15/mo) comes with a 24-month commitment. The hosting service is easily scalable. You need to allocate more power or features. However, compared to industry standards, there is no refund and therefore no income. Domain costs are $15/year.

       Visit LiquidWeb.com Cloud Hosting Plan

2. Cloud Ways - The best-managed cloud


Cloudways Pros:

+ Reliable time and speed
+ Data Centers Worldwide (Digital Ocean, Walter, etc.)
+ Fully Controlled + Website Migration
+ Unlimited Website
+ Automated backups
+ 3 Days Free Trial
Cloudways Disadvantage:

- Backups are not free
If you're looking for a fully managed hosting service with flexible deals, pricing and the option to join a team of experts to help you out, CloudWays is behind you.

Cheap plans come with digital Ocean datacenters worldwide. You can choose between several schemes that offer high speed, storage and bandwidth at high prices.

In terms of performance, their servers are very reliable with good load time and runtime, and the statistical average is 500ms and 100%, respectively.

With most cloud hosting providers, Cloudways allows you to host unlimited websites. Be prepared to register as your domain does not offer this service. However, if you are already running another one, they will be happy to send you your first website for free.

Lack of email hosting by default is a big disadvantage. You can get the service as an add-on for $1 per email account, which isn't much if you don't have hundreds.

Cloud ways has developed a Control Panel in its home, which is very intuitive and easy to use. Since they offer a fully-managed cloud, you don't have to worry about maintenance, updates or security. They run your server with simple OS management, security patching and 24/7 real-time monitoring. Additionally, you will receive a premium support add-on that complements the support they offer.

Each plan has an automatic backup. If you have not read the fine print, you will find that they charge an additional 0.033/GB per server for offset backup storage (per month).

Other features include free SSL, Cloud Ways CDN add-on, 25GB SSD storage, 24/7 live chat, phone support and ticketing. The Aadhaar scheme has a 1TB bandwidth limit, which is very low compared to the other service providers on this list.

Cloud ways has a very transparent pricing system and we love it. You can choose monthly or hourly payments and there are no term obligations. Their cheapest plan costs $10 per month, which includes 1GB of RAM and 1 core processor.

Unfortunately, they do not offer a refund guarantee, instead, you have to run 3 days free trial.

       Visit CloudWays.com Cloud Hosting Plan

3. Dreamhost Cloud - Unmanaged

DreamHost cloud hosting

Dreamhost Pros:

+ Pay per hour/traffic
+ Unlimited websites
+ 80GB SSD storage + 100GB block storage
+ 100% uptime guarantee
Dreamhost Disadvantages:

- Customer support is not 24/7
- Not Fully Organized + Site Migration not free
- No money back/refund
- No automatic backup

Dreamhost has designed its cloud hosting service for professionals and those seeking as much freedom as possible. Their servers are not maintained, meaning you are responsible for everything from updates to backups.

Their server parks are only in the USA. Servers do not pack much power compared to the speed that their competitors provide.

Dreamhost has a good and reliable speed of 99.99%, which our statistics show is an average of 300ms.

Dreamhost allows you to host unlimited websites that come with your domain (s). They have their own built-in panel for managing your website, database, email and billing.

Now, if you’re looking for an unmanned cloud server, you’re looking for accommodation. Dreamhost allows you to select OS and software, so servers can be Linux, BSD or MS Windows. Dreamhost is designed around OpenStack and Safe and supports standard APIs and the most popular developer tools. So if you need MongoDB, Redis, Node.JS, Ruby and Python, you can use them for zero problems.

On another note, you are also responsible for your backup, updates, security, allocating resources for your traffic, and general maintenance of your server. Dreamhost automatically gives you a free SSL certificate.

You get unlimited bandwidth (limited time) until you decide not to DreamHost. You get 80GB of SSD storage space and 100GB of Block storage on each plan. This is huge compared to other cloud hosting providers.

One major drawback is that their support only works during business hours and in real-time chat (unless you have Dreampress and WordPress hosting options). However, you can create a ticket at any time - don't expect an immediate response.

The price is used and measured on an hourly basis, and the base plan begins at a maximum of $4.50/mo ($0.0075/hour). With this, you get 512 MB RAM and 1 Core processor. However, we recommend getting the next level plan for better performance (2GB of RAM) at $0.02/hour (or a maximum of $12/mo). Not sure about getting the money back, but no commitment.

       Visit the Dreamhost.com Cloud Hosting Plan

4. InMotion Cloud

InMotion cloud hosting
InMotion cloud hosting

InMotion Pros:

+ Good avg. Loading time
+ Installation free supports for 2 hours
+ Effective Money-Back Guarantee
+ Unlimited Website
+ Free Domain (1st year)
+ Free Site Transfer

InMotion Disadvantages:

- Expensive
- Limited bandwidth

InMotion offers a high-quality premium cloud hosting service. Although they are a bit fragile, they provide a premium support experience and their servers are fully maintained and easy to install.

You can host an unlimited number of websites and the infusion of content is thrown into the domain of the domain to help you get started. However, from the second year, they charge $15.99 per year for the domain. We suggest you bring a pre-registered domain with you.

The performance of the stimulus was excellent, with an average loading time of 570ms and 99.96% uptime during use. Their servers are located on the east and west coasts of the USA. As standard instruments, InMotion is guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

InMotion allows you to use the famous cPanel to set up and run your website. Installation is simple and straightforward. To get started, you'll get two hours of birth with InMotion's managed hosting team helping you with the installation.

InMotion handles the server perfectly, so you don't have to worry about it. Additionally, they monitor your traffic and promptly allocate resources to your website. Automatic backups are included by default in their plans.

Depending on your needs you will get the server configuration option (LAMP stack, WordPress stack or PHP configuration). There is also an option to enable root access if you want to use other technologies for your development.

Other features include 75GB SSD storage space, Free SSL certificate, unlimited email accounts, 4TB bandwidth, 24/7 phone, live chat and email support.

The most expensive and cheapest option ($22.99/mo) comes with a 2-year commitment. From the hardware side, users can get 4GB of RAM with the basic hosting plan. There is also an option to upgrade your plan to get better speed and storage, but it costs more. However, if you choose, you can get a 90-day money-back guarantee with a full refund.

       Go to InMotion.com Cloud Hosting Plan

5. A2 Hosting Cloud

A2Hosting cloud hosting

A2 Hosting Pros:

+ Strong Uptime
+ Free Site Transfer
+ Helpful 24/7 support
+ Unlimited Websites/Accounts
+ Money back guarantee at any time

A2 Hosting Disadvantages:

- Slow load time
- Expensive
- Limited bandwidth

A2 Hosting Cloud has the most expensive plans on our review list. They still offer a fully managed cloud hosting service, but their loading time is not very good compared to other hosting providers.

A2 hosting has reasonable coverage in terms of server location in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Although they run 99.99% of the time, their average site load time is not very good (1334ms):

To run and manage your website, you have access to the popular cPanel Control Panel. Also, you don't have to worry about maintaining a server with the complete management plans of A2 Hosting. They manage and update all hardware, keep the software up-to-date, and monitor the servers 24/7.

As standard, they provide daily local backups and are thrown into a server-side server file recovery program "Server Rewind". They also run a 24/7 security monitoring campaign to keep your websites as secure as possible.

Other key features include 75GB SSD storage space, Free SSL, Cloudflare CDN, free Unlimited email accounts, excellent 24/7 phone, email, ticket and real-time chat support. During our research, we found that A2 hosting support was excellent on our review list.

High performance, great features and an enjoyable support experience are no less. Plans are expensive, and the renewal startup fee will double from $25/mo. Innovative plans are expensive and provide high speed and storage space.

This has the opposite effect, elsewhere it is called a money-back guarantee.

       Visit the A2Hosting.com Cloud Hosting Plan

Final Word

Based on our research, there are some excellent cloud hosting service providers. Depending on how much performance you need and how many features you need, prices can vary significantly. The price is slightly higher than other hosting types such as shared hosting.

Depending on where you work and what provider you choose, you can expect different load times. But you can expect reliable service from everyone.

However, if you want to take your website performance to the next level without breaking your bank, cloud hosting is the way to go.

What cloud hosting provider have you used before? Would you recommend any of them? Let us know in the comments below. We can try and test other cloud hosting providers, so give us your suggestions :).

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