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Cheap Web Host (2020) - Get it Now

 5 Cheap Web Hosts (2020) Get it Now  

Finding a cheap web hosting provider is no easy task.  


Most reputable web hosting companies use industry-standard pricing strategies to attract new customers with their low contact prices. So Get it Now

cheap web hosting

However, according to our research, rebuilding costs are usually 2x to 3x higher. Before you sign up with an inexpensive cost, you should check out charities and their renewal rates.

Sometimes they are limited to less storage space and do not have enough bandwidth or SSL.

Most web hosts throw away the domain name and SSL as a free product (even for a few years).

Below you will find seven cheap web hosting providers (last checked December 2019):

1. Bluehost $2.75 / mo (36 months) | Renews $7.99

Bluehost cheap Hosting

  • Up Time: 99.99%
  • Load time: 380 ms
  • Features: Includes local email number, SSL and SSL
  • Money back: 30 days guarantee

Bluehost Reviews 

BlueHost currently hosts more than 2 million websites. They are one of the most popular, cheap and shared hosting options available so far - for a reason. These are well used (and recommended) by many leading webmasters and bloggers.

Of the 31 hosts we reviewed, Bluehost's last 24 months were the best we've ever seen - 99.99% (in just 2-hour time intervals). In addition to their reliable performance, their average speed is also faster - 380 ms (faster than other prices web hosts like SiteGrade (681 ms) or Dreamhost (654 ms)).

Bluehost is our number one web host in all our web hosting reviews. Due to excellent, reliable performance and 24/7/365, most chat will be live for all of their customers.

All plans include a 1-year domain name, one-click install for various website builders and WordPress.

The biggest drawback of their offer is the cheap plan ($2.75 / mo) with a 36-month commitment. If you decide to use their services for less than 12 months, you do not have to pay $4.95 / mo. SSL is included locally. The cheapest "basic" plan is 50 GB of storage space, 5 email accounts and unlimited bandwidth. Bluehost renews at $7.99 / mo after the initial sign-up period. So Get it Now

     Visit Bluehost.com for a discount. 

2. Dreamhost $2.59 / mo (36 months) | Renews: $ 2.59 | Monthly Plan: Mo 4.95 / mo

DreamHost cheap Hosting

  • Time: 99.94%
  • Load time: 654 ms
  • Features: SSL added, unlimited traffic
  • Money back: 97 days guarantee

Dreamhost Reviews 

Dreamhost stands out instantly because of their excellent refund guarantee: they feel very confident about your service and they give you up to 97 days to refund your money (industry standard is 30 days).

99.94% of Dreamhost's last 24 months - that's not bad. Their load time is 654 ms. Although it is not very slow, you can get good loading time with our first three images.

Dreamhost does not provide local email accounts. Dreamhost requires $1.67 emails per month, while Bluehost has 5 email numbers and A2 hosting offers of 25.

In addition to the money-back guarantee (97 days), Dreamhost offers several key features: 1-year domain name (renewed for $15.99), unlimited bandwidth, 50GB SSD storage, WP Website Builder, SSL support, - 1. All for the same price, Cheapest plan to re-establish at $2.59 / mo.So Get it Now

    Visit Dreamhost.com for a reduced price

3. A2 Hosting $2.96 / mo (12 months) | Renews $8.99  

a2 Hosting

  • Time: 99.93%
  • Load time: 320 ms
  • Features: Includes local email number, SSL and SSL
  • Money Back: Money Back Guarantee Anytime

A2 Hosting Reviews 

A2 Hosting is the fastest shared hosting provider we have tested so far.

Of the web hosts we reviewed, A2 Hosting is the fastest, with an average load time of 320 ms - which is years. Of the web hosts, we reviewed, the only web host that has the correct score for speed.

In a world where slow traffic affects traffic and conversions, web hosting boosters pay a premium for this - or less than A2 $2.96 / mo—hosting charges for the plan.

A2 hosting time was not very impressive, although they have maintained 99.93% of the time in the last 24 months, which is very weak.

You are limited to 1 website in their cheap plan; This makes it difficult to enjoy some of the fantastic features they offer. If you want more sites, you need to upgrade to their "Turbo Server." Although it provides 20X faster speeds, it costs $7 / mo for a 24/36 month commitment.

At $2.96 / mo, unlimited SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, SS native SSL, 25 email accounts, a site builder and 1-click WordPress install are available on the cheap plan of A2 Hosting. You can also get a domain name for 1 year. After the initial sign-up period, A2 Hosting restores the hosting $8.99 / mo.So Get it Now

      Visit A2Hosting.com for the lowest prices

4. GreenGeaks $2.95 / mo (36 months) | Renews: $9.95

GreenGeeks homepage

  • Time: 99.96%
  • Loading time: 453 ms
  • Features: Includes local email number, SSL and SSL
  • Money back: 30 days guarantee

GreenGeaks Reviews 

GreenGeaks focuses on eco-friendly, which may be a favorite for some consumers, but how do they find it compared to other cheap web hosts?

Green Geeks are not as fast as Bluehost (380 ms), or A2 Hosting (320 ms), but their loading time is 453 ms and 99.96% of the time is not bad. It is important to note that if your site ever gets spoiled (which is very reliable for us), you can get 24/7 customer support via live chat.

While GreenGeaks is easy to use in some of its generous plans (such as unlimited storage and email), we want you to note that you can use this plan with just 1 website.

Their cheapest project costs $2.95 / mo, which comes with a 36-month commitment. For this, you get unlimited SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email, website native website builder and a domain-specific domain name for 1 year (renewed for $13.95). You get the SS gene SSL. After the initial 36-month sign-up period ends, the Green Geeks will restore $ 9.95 / mo. So Get it Now

      Visit GreenGeaks.com for the lowest prices

5. iPage $1.99 / mo (36 months) | Renews: $7.99

iPage cheap Hosting

  • Time: 99.97%
  • Load time: 759 ms
  • Features: Includes local email number, SSL and SSL
  • Money back: 30 days guarantee

iPage Reviews 

At $1.99 per month, iPage offers seem to be one of the best when it comes to affordable web hosting - especially when looking at our best option.

Don't be fooled, though.

You can get the super affordable price of iPage only when you make a 36-month commitment. Most importantly, after the initial 36-month sign-up period ended, the balloon of iPage's affordable shared hosting price immediately reached $7.99 / mo.

IPage impresses 99.97% in 24 months, and they provide reliable 24/7 customer support through various media, including live chat.

However, iPage does not offer SSD storage. With a load time of 759 ms, they are the second slowest of the cheapest web hosts we have reviewed.

The domain name for 1 year (renewed at $14.99), SSN SSL, unlimited storage and practically unlimited bandwidth affordable Hosting are some of the features you get. While most cheap hosts have a website limit, the page allows you to host unlimited websites. 1. So Get it Now

      Visit iPage.com for low prices

Complete the job

This means that you should settle for a low-quality web host because you don't have a large budget.

There are dozens of options on the market that affect the right balance between affordability and quality. With a little research, you can easily find the provider that suits your needs and budget.

Bluehost:  $2.75 per month [easy to use and reliable] 

Dreamhost:  $2.59 per month [ability to make monthly payments] 
A2 Hosting:  $2.96 / month [Slow Web Host]
Green Geeks:  $2.95 per month 

iPage:  $1.99 per month

PS Make sure you are well off with a high renewal price. None of this list has a renewal value equal to the sign-up price.

Which Cheap Hosting Provider Have You Used? Would you recommend any of them? Let us know in the comments below. We can try and test cheap hosts, so give us your suggestions :). 
So Get it Now

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