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How To Increase Daily Email Subscribers By 246% With This Creative Strategy

Every once in a while, in my business, I do some things that just work. Most of the time, changes made to a business are very small incremental changes. However, sometimes these small tweaks can have a huge impact on the overall business.

Today I’m going to share a strategy using LeadPal that has significantly increased the number of email leads that one of my niche sites is getting daily. The best part is that the increased leads are not due to any increased traffic. In other words, the leads increased even though the traffic remained the same.

How much were we able to increase the daily email subscribers? We went from getting an average of 8.9 email leads a day to get an average of 30.8 email leads a day. That’s a 246% increase!

I’m not here to convince you of the importance of an email list. Many other people have written about that already. However, I hope to share with you a powerful strategy that is working really well in my business right now to gain those email subscribers.


Before I jump into the exact “how-to” tactics, I want to tantalize you with some of the results that we’ve seen from one of our niche sites.

When I originally built this site a few years ago, the only email opt-in forms I had on my site were “Subscribe to My Newsletter.” This site wasn’t my focus, and so it took me a REALLY long time before I even created a real lead magnet.

With Jake's help (full-time employee), we created a lead magnet and started getting a few more leads. Then we used LeadPal to create a Screen Filler Lightbox, and this helped us get to the 8.9 average leads per day that I mentioned.

So, we were already using the Screen Filler Lightbox option (think full-screen pop-up) to get the 8.9 leads per day on average. However, once we added the “quiz” option that I’ll discuss more below, we dramatically increased our leads by 246% to a total of 30.8 leads per day!

Here’s a look at the stats, both before and after:

The blue line shows the leads we were getting before the changes, and the green line shows the leads we started getting after implementing the changes. This is a HUGE increase, as you can clearly see.

Again, all of this was done without any increase in traffic. The same style of the pop-up was used…however, the offering was changed slightly. Let’s dig into the details of why we were able to increase the email subscribers so much.


I’m not sure if “quiz” is the best word to describe this option; however, we are simply giving the subscriber multiple options to pick from. In our case, we had 3 options, all in the LeadPal screen filled lightbox that people could choose from.

Adding these options clearly increases our opt-in rate (as shown in the chart above). In fact, I have been using something similar on TechradarUS.com (as far as multiple options are concerned), as you can see either in a pop-up or via the side-bar of my site here. There is a drop-down menu that lets you select what you are interested in.

Here’s what my opt-in with multiple options look like on Techradar US:

So, what is the benefit of allowing people multiple options as part of a single lead form? Well, reason one is that people are all different and have different interests. This allows you to appeal more closely to the interests of a broader audience.

Then if you take this one step further, this allows people to self-segment for your email marketing. In other words, people tell you exactly what they are interested in. Then you can tag these people in your email autoresponder or broadcast messages to send them more tailored messages according to their interests.

So, not only does this option get MORE leads (246% increase in our case), but it also has the added benefit that you actually know your email subscribers better! These subscribers are self-segmenting. This can pay dividends in the future as you really hone in your email marketing strategy.

Now, let’s take a look at how to set up Thrive Leads to accomplish this “quiz” type option.


Below you will find a complete video walkthrough by Jake Cain (my employee). This video shows exactly the setup (including the template option) that we used to produce the 246% daily email leads increase.

You can see the MANY other options that Thrive Leads offers right here.


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Now, for those that would rather just quickly browse and view the steps rather than watch the video (even though it’s not very long), you can see pretty much all the steps below.

Step 1: Add the Screen filler Lightbox Option

Step 2: Add New Form and Name It

Step 3: Select Trigger, Display Frequency, and Other Options. (We just left the defaults set).

Step 4: Select the Multi-step Templates tab.

Step 5: Select and Edit Your Template

Step 6: Click Any Button and Select Event Manager to Edit the details for that action.

Step 7: Click to Edit Existing Events as Needed

Step 8: Select Trigger, Action, and Which State should be displayed

Step 9: Select State 1 Tab and Edit Fields (Email Address in this example)

Step 10: Click Email Field and the Click Connect with Service to link with your email provider

Step 11: Choose API connection or HTML form code

Step 12: If HTML Code is selected, just copy and paste any form code from your email provider (like Aweber in this example).

Step 13: Click Generate Fields and then validate that the correct property (email in this example) is found and selected.

Step 14: Select where to display the lightbox. You can select all pages, posts, etc. You can select certain categories or various other options. Hit save and close, and your new opt-in form is life!

Overall, it’s pretty easy to create a multi-option “quiz” opt-in form using Thrive Leads.

We’ve used this exact set up to increase our leads per day significantly on one of our niche websites. Hopefully, this quick review and tutorial give you some ideas that you can implement into your own website.

You can also take this even further and create a true multi-step quiz. Instead of making the “State 1” where they input their email, just make it have more options. This can go on as far as you like, but obviously, it can become more time-consuming if you have too many options. However, the options really are there to create something as simple or as complicated as you want.

If you want to check out Thrive Leads in more depth, you can do so right here.

We’ve had some nice wins with this little strategy, and we will likely implement it on some of our other properties. If you have any additional questions or thoughts, please feel free to join the discussion in the comments below. Thanks!

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